Global Housing Alliance, Inc. is an Architectural and Construction Management Firm established in Washington, DC to serve the US and International housing markets. GHA, Inc. is dedicated and committed to the advancement of the design/build industry. GHA, Inc. is a unique collaboration of designers, architects, engineers, constructors and  manufactures.

 GHA’s foundation begins with the 25 year legacy of  Panoramic Design, Ltd. All of Pd., Ltd’s industry knowledge, resources and accomplishments make GHA, Inc. an industry leader from conception. 


Global Housing Alliance, Inc.  shall consistently pursue the development and refinement of the design/build industry standards, methods and best practices in order to achieve and redefine excellence.

 GHA, Inc. consists of two distinct industry divisions:

  • Conventional Design/Build & Restoration Services
  • Affordable, Green Renewable Energy Housing Kits

Our 1983 beginnings started in the conventional design/build industry; therefore GHA, Inc. will continue to maintain a design/build division that will provide conventional design/build restoration services to individuals and small businesses.

 GHA, Inc’s Manufacturing Division will lead the way for the affordable, green renewable energy, housing kits in the US market and the emerging international markets.